Departments A-N

  1. Administration

    The Town Manager has 15 main duties as outlined in the Charter for the Town of Nantucket, which range from supervision of town departments to preparation of the annual budget and warrants for town meeting(s) to implementation of policy as set forth by the Board of Selectmen.

  2. Airport

    Fly with the Nantucket Memorial Airport.

  3. Assessor

    Information in the Appraisal Vision Database represents ownership and values.

  4. Department of Culture & Tourism

  5. Emergency Management

  6. Energy Office

    The energy office assists the town in identifying and implementing energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy programs that are economically viable, environmentally responsible, and socially beneficial for Nantucket.

  7. Finance Department

    The Finance Department coordinates the financial services of the town, provides assistance on financial matters, and much more.

  8. Fire Department

    The mission of Nantucket Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of the residents and visitors of the Town of Nantucket by providing the highest possible level of service through public education, fire prevention, emergency medical services, fire suppression, and mitigation of the effects of natural and man-made disasters consistent with available resources.

  9. Harbormaster

    Peruse through the services and contact information of the Marine Department.

  10. Health Department

    Learn about the health of the community - the Health Department is part of the Planning and Land Use Services Department.

  11. Human Resources

    Read the mission statement of human resources and view contact information.

  12. Human Services

    Through five subdepartments, the human services works to provide services to residents of all ages.

  13. Information Technology & GIS

    The Information Technology Department is responsible for supporting all aspects of the town's technology infrastructure and computing environment.

  14. Natural Resources

    Get information about the natural resources in the community.