A-G Boards & Commissions

  1. Abatement Advisory Committee

    Assist and advise the assessor in the review of applications for the reduction of personal property.

  2. Ad Hoc Budget Work Group

    Get informed about what the Ad Hoc Work Group does.

  3. Ad Hoc Fiscal Committee

    Provides the opportunity for comment from all interested stakeholders.

  4. Advisory Committee of Non-Voting Taxpayers

    Makes recommendations to the board of selectmen on issues of concern to non residents.

  5. Affordable Housing Trust Fund

    Provides for the creation and preservation of affordable housing.

  6. Agricultural Commission

    Promotes agricultural based economic opportunities.

  7. Airport Commission

    Helps run the airport and maintain it's self-sufficient status.

  8. Article 68 Work Group

    Learn more about the group in charge of managing the landscape fertilizer use in Nantucket.

  9. Audit Committee

    This committee will appoint an outside audit firm and review annual audit results.

  10. Board of Health

    Get any information needed on various heath regulations.

  11. Board of Selectmen

    The board provides goals and policies for the delivery of town services.

  12. Bulk Fuel Committee

    Examines the options of off shore fuel storage and facility to the Board of Selectmen.

  13. Capital Program Committee

    Learn about capital and enterprise funds and the committee behind them.

  14. Cemetery Commission

    Read about the mission of the Cemetery Commission.

  15. Coastal Management Plan Work Group

    Learn about the charge of the Coastal Management Plan Work Group.

  16. Commission on Disability

    Represents and advocates for the needs and interests of the disabled in the community.

  17. Council on Aging

    This council advocates for the needs of the elderly population.

  18. Community Preservation Committee

    Learn about the committee and what they do in the community.

  19. Conservation Commission

    Explore the Wetlands Protection Act and the committee behind it.

  20. Council for Human Services

    Read about the committee that address the best residents of Nantucket.

  21. County Commission

    Learn about the members of the County Commission and what happens in their meetings.

  22. Cultural Council

    Learn about what the cultural committee does.

  23. Finance Committee

    Makes recommendations to town meetings.

  24. Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee

    The Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee advising NP&EDC and Town Administration on related issues dealing with infrastructure, education, and encouragement in the bicycle and pedestrian community.

  25. Finance Subcommittee on Pension

    Subcommittee of the Finance Committee, made up of current FinCom members