Our Island Home

Our Facility

Our Island Home is a 45-bed smoke-free Skilled Nursing Facility dually licensed in Medicaid and Medicare since August 2007 and owned by the Town of Nantucket.

Our rooms are primarily semi-private; however, we do have three Private ‘Special Care’ rooms available. Each has a large window; some with a view of the creeks and Nantucket Harbor where we are located, as well as cable and telephone ready access.

We have a unique tropical fish tank in the living room area, a beautiful out door patio overlooking the harbor with volunteer manicured gardens, and daily pet visits that are always a treat.

Services / Amenities

  • 24 hour / 7 days a week long term nursing care
  • Ancillary medical services including: dentistry, optometrist, audiologist, psychiatrist, and other specialists. 
  • Ancillary medical services may incur costs to the resident depending on their pay or source and insurance plans.
  • Diabetic management
  • Medication management
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Pain management

Additional Services

Additional services offered that are not included in the basic daily rates or under Medicaid:
  • Hairdresser / Stylist: Our Island Home has a beauty parlor to meet all your wash, cut, blow dry, perm, and coloring needs!
  • Church Services: We have ministers of multiple faiths regularly come and hold services including communion.
  • Cable Television: Cable access is provided in every resident room, however, to activate the cable it must be done by the resident / responsible party. The monthly bill is to be paid for by the resident directly with the cable company.
  • Telephone: Access for phone service and individual phone numbers is available, however, like cable the set up is paid for by the resident directly with the phone company. Cost depends on the type of service and telephone that is selected. We do encourage mobile and able residents to have cell phones for easier access in contacting loved ones and receiving phone calls.
  • Transportation: Our Island Home’s van is available to provide on-island transportation to and from medical appointments for no charge. Off-island transportation, as needed, can also be arranged through the facility.
  • Laundry: Laundry service is provided at no cost; however, there is currently no option for dry cleaning needs.
  • Newspaper: Fees for newspaper delivery are based upon the particular newspapers current rates.

Our Population

Our Resident population is diverse in not only heritage but origin of location. You will find men and women whose family roots go deep into Nantucket soil and those who have come to join family after coming to the island to visit and choosing to stay.

Massachusetts Immunizations Information System (MIIS)

Our Island Home participates in data sharing of our residents and employees vaccination histories as required by State Law through MIIS. MIIS is a web-based state-wide system of record keeping for vaccination history of all Massachusetts residents.