H-P Boards & Commissions

  1. Harbor & Shellfish Advisory Board

    Learn about the board dedicated to Nantucket's marine resources.

  2. Harbor Plan Implementation Committee

    This committee prioritizes the Nantucket and Madaket Harbors Plan implementation items in the form of recommendations.

  3. Historic District Commission

    Find out about the people involved in the commission.

  4. Human Services Contract Review Committee

    Learn about the purpose of the Contract Review Committee.

  5. Insurance Advisory Committee

    This committee advises the public on contracts before the purchase of insurance.

  6. Mosquito Control Commission

    This committee develops a plan to control mosquitoes on Nantucket.

  7. Nantucket Historical Commission

    A local historic preservation and archaeology planning agency.

  8. New Fire Station Work Group

    This is a temporary work group that will advise on the new fire station.

  9. Our Island Home Building Committee

    This committee review documents (such as plans, conceptual drawings, bids) in connection with the proposed new Our Island Home facility and to provide input from their evaluation.

  10. Our Island Home Work Group 2013

    Makes recommendations regarding Our Island Home.

  11. Our Island Home Work Group 2016

    Work group to discuss the future of Our Island Home

  12. Parks & Recreation Commission

    This board makes parks and recreation-related policies and recommendations to the Board of Selectmen.

  13. Planning Board

    Read about the Planning Board and what they do in the community.

  14. Planning & Economic Development Commission

    The planning committee for the Town of Nantucket.

  15. Polpis Harbor Municipal Property Advisory Group

    Read about how the advisory group impacts your life.