Q-Z Boards & Commissions

  1. Real Estate Assessment Committee

  2. Roads and Right of Way Committee

    Get to know the board who reviews issues concerning public and private roads and many more.

  3. Scholarship Committee

    Learn about the committee who provides educational financial aid to deserving residents.

  4. Sewer Planning Work Group

    This committee is temporary and they examine, evaluate, and advise on the wastewater solutions.

  5. Shellfish Management Plan Oversight Committee

    Agendas and Minutes for this committee

  6. Siasconset Footpath Public Access Subcommittee

    The subcommittee is in charge of making recommendations regarding various foot paths on Nantucket.

  7. Steamship Authority Governing Board

    Read about how the Steamship Authority Governing Board impacts your community.

  8. Steamship Authority Port Council

    learn about what the port council has control over

  9. Town Study Government Committee

  10. Traffic Safety Work Group

    This committee provides recommendations on various taxi related matters.

  11. Tree Advisory Committee

    Learn about who is in the Tree Advisory committee.

  12. Visitor Services Advisory Committee

    Get to know the members of the committee.

  13. Zoning Board of Appeals

    Become informed on the board who promotes health, safety, and morals, among other things.