1. Business Certificate

    Learn what to do to get a business certificate.

  2. Change of Location for Business

    Access details on how to change the location of your business.

  3. Citizen's Police Academy

    Gather details about joining the Citizen's Police Academy.

  4. Job

    Browse through current job openings.

  5. License & Permits

    Peruse information about the different licenses and permits that you need.

  6. Open Burning

    Obtain an open burning permit.

  7. Our Island Home

    Find information about joining the Our Island Home family.

  8. Passports

  9. Police Force

    Get information on joining the police force.

  10. Residential Exemption

    Discover information about residential exemption on taxes.

  11. Sprinkler System

    Read about obtaining a sprinkler system for your yard.

  12. Veteran Housing Assistance

    Apply for housing assistance as a veteran.