Transportation Projects & Studies

Parking Studies

  • Parking Management Program - Not Adopted Policy - a parking managment program proposed by ReMain Nantucket (Nelson/Nygaard - February 2011)
  • Parking Management Strategies - an evaluation of potential parking management strategies (Nelson/Nygaard - September 2010) 
  • Park and Ride Study - a study of options for providing public transportation between the ferry terminals and an out-of-town pick up / drop off location (TetraTech - March 2010)
  • Downtown Parking Evaluation - an evaluation of parking demand in the Downtown area (TetraTech - February 2010).
 Traffic Studies
  • Downtown Traffic Study - a study to improve overall circulation and access to the ferry terminals in the downtown area (Milone & MacBroom - March 2008)
  • Fairgrounds Intersections - a study of traffic improvements along Fairgrounds Road at South Shore Rd and Old South Road (GPI - September 2006)
  • Mid-Island Area Traffic Study - a traffic study and strategy for the Mid-Island Area (GPI - July 2005)

 Intersection Studies

Bike Path Projects