Keep It Clean Nantucket

Help us Keep Nantucket Clean!

Sponsored by the Town of Nantucket

Join our campaign to:
  • July 4th - Celebrate Responsibly: It's all fun and games until Nantucket is left a mess. Do your part and don't trash your favorite island!
  • July 4th - Celebrate Safely: Who knew that balloon shards find their way into our drains and end up in our harbor? Leave the water balloons at home and get soaked during our annual water fight!
  • Enjoy It, Don't Destroy It: Please take trash with you. Keep our beaches beautiful and please clean up after yourselves!
  • Help Keep the Island Green - Join the Clean Team: The Clean Team meets every Saturday at 8am - come join the crew and help keep our Island safe and clean! 
  • Can't Flush This: Disposable wipes clog drain pipes; household cleaning products clog toilets and back up the whole system - Keep It Clean Nantucket and use only toilet paper!
  • Love Your Pup? Bag it Up! - Leaving your dog's waste is bad for other pups and your friends' shoes! Don't be that person - clean up after your dog!
  • No Butts on the The Beach: Keep our Island's beaches clean and safe by simply disposing of your cigarette butts properly.