Energy Office

March 6, 2020.

Nantucket Receives Green Communities designation & $139,340 in grant funds from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources!

Nantucket is officially a Massachusetts Green Community. With last week’s announcement from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Department of Energy Resources, Nantucket joins the now 271 Green Communities in Massachusetts, committing to clean energy goals to reduce energy consumption and lower emissions. As a result of this designation, the Town will receive an initial grant of $139,340 to be used toward cleaner energy solutions for the island.

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The Energy Office was established in 2011 to assist the town in identifying and implementing energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy programs that are economically viable, environmentally responsible, and socially respectful for Nantucket.

The Energy Coordinator operates within the Planning Department under the general direction of the Board of Selectmen and is responsible for the professional, administrative, and technical tasks related to municipal and community-wide energy policies, practices, and projects that can deliver significant taxpayer savings through reduced energy costs, while contributing to overall community sustainability and economic development.

The Energy Office maintains an external website, please visit: