Water Stations

Nantucket is a BYO(W)B (Bring Your Own Water Bottle) Kind of Island!

Effective June 1, 2020, Nantucket will enforce a ban on single-use plastics including single-use bottled water. Bottled water will no longer be sold in sizes smaller than one liter (34 ounces) in island groceries, delis, and cafes. Nantucket is implementing these pro-active measures to support your use of your own water bottle around town, on the bike paths and at the beaches:

  • Nantucket’s tap water is safe and reliable and tastes great! Wannacomet Water Company produces an annual water quality report to document the cleanliness and safety of Nantucket’s public water supply.
  • These are the the locations for water bottle refilling stations in the downtown area:

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  • Water refills are also available at Dionis and Surfside Beaches, and along the island’s bike paths.

What are the benefits of using refillable water bottles?

  • Plastic litter has been on the rise along our beaches and bike paths. Refilling water bottles will decrease plastic pollution on Nantucket open spaces.
  • Using reusable water bottles helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions associated with production, packaging and transportation of disposable water bottles and containers.
  • Reducing plastic pollution helps protect Nantucket wild life.
  • When you refill a reusable water bottle, you save money!