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Pursuant to the Governor’s March 12, 2020 Order suspending certain provisions of the Open Meeting Law, G.L. c. 30A, s. 20 any Nantucket public body that holds a meeting will do so via Zoom video conferencing. The video conference will be shown on Nantucket’s Government TV YouTube page.

New Public Participation Guidelines for ZOOM WEBINAR Meetings:

  • Most regulatory boards/commissions/committees are now using Zoom Webinar for meetings, which allows for the public to participate in the meeting as an attendee.
  • Attendees MUST register to participate; the registration link is unique to meeting. The registration link can be found in the description of the Nantucket Government TV YouTube live feed for the meeting.
  • People registering to be an attendee MUST use their full names; otherwise they will not be allowed to participate in discussion.
  • Attendees will join in listening mode; they can click the raise hand button if they wish to speak.
  • The Chair will call on those who have raised their hands in the order they were raised.
  • The YouTube Chat will no longer be enabled.
  • All questions should be directed through the Chair.

Public Participation for all other Boards/Committees/Commissions remain the same:

Zoom will be used by all public bodies and staff, but the public will not be able to connect to Zoom. Members of the public will be able to participate via the “Chat” feature on the YouTube page when enabled.

How to watch a remote meeting and make comments during the meeting?

Members of public bodies will be following the Town’s Remote Participation Policy during meetings held in this format.

All Town of Nantucket committees, boards and commission meetings are available on the Nantucket Government TV YouTube page after they air live, on which viewers have the option to watch the meeting subtitled in any language. To add subtitles to a YouTube video:

  1. Go to the video.
  2. To turn captions on, click  , located in the bottom righthand corner.
  3. To change the language of the subtitles, click the Settings icon at the bottom of the video screen (it is directly to the right of the  icon).
  4. Click Subtitles/CC.
  5. Click Auto-translate.
  6. Select a language.

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Thank you for seeking the mission statement of one of the Town of Nantucket boards, commissions, and committees. Please visit the links below to get more information on a particular group. If you do not see the information you want there, you may contact the current chairman of the group you are interested in. You may also visit the Town Administration Offices where the mission statements are on file or send an email to view a scanned version of these pages.

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If you are looking for information on inactive boards, commissions or committees, visit the Town of Nantucket Digital Archives.

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