Quick Reference Guide for Businesses

  1. Amy Baxter

    Licensing Administrator

  2. Marina Dzvonik

    Events Coordinator

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  • OCCUPANCY: Know your occupancy! Overcrowding your establishment is illegal and dangerous!
  • Empty hSTAGES AND OTHER STRUCTURES: If you are doing ANY construction, including a temporary stage, additional seating, tent or other structure, you will need a Building Permit. Please contact the Building Office at 508-325-7587.
  • STREET FURNITURE: Businesses are not permitted to place their own benches, bike racks, reservation stands or other street furniture on the sidewalks or other public property without permission from the Town. Although this is a very generous gesture for the Town and our visitors, such actions are regulated and require permission. For more information, please contact Town Administration at 508-228- 7255.
  • ZONING: Nantucket has several business zones, with different uses allowed in each. Many businesses have special permits in place that allow them to operate. Check with the Planning and Land Use Services Department (PLUS) prior to making any changes to your business, such as adding seating, making changes to the use of the property, altering exterior features like patios or parking lots, or adding additional services. 

Trash Disposal

Please help make a difference:

  • Work individually AND collectively.
  • Help your patrons (particularly take-out customers) understand that they need to act responsibly with their trash.   
  • Adopt your street front…and someone else’s.  Keep Nantucket clean!
  • Don’t use the trash barrels on the streets for commercial or household trash. MA General Law Chapter 125 §7 prohibits use of Town receptacles for commercial or household disposal with a fine up to $200 per incident.
  • Don’t think about trash as a downtown-only or “near your vicinity only” issue.  If trash from your establishment dots the shoulders of our roads, or other areas, please take the responsibility to clean it up regularly.
  • Get your employees onboard to help!