Abatement Advisory Committee


  • Judith Moran, Chair
    Term Expires: 2019
  • Joseph McLaughlin
    Term Expires: 2019

  • David Callahan
    Term Expires: 2019

About the Board

  • The purpose of the Abatement Advisory Committee shall be to assist and advise the assessor in the review of applications for abatement of real and personal property thereby providing a more equitable review for taxpayer appeals.
  • The Abatement Advisory Committee shall consist of three (3) suitable citizens, appointed by the assessor pursuant to MGL Chapter 41, section 25A, with the direct consent of the Finance Director and overall review by the Board of Selectmen, to act as assistant assessors.
  • The term of appointment shall be one year from the date of appointment; unless sooner removed by the assessor as provided in MGL Chapter 41, sections 25A or the Finance Director pursuant to section 19-11 of the Code of the Town of Nantucket.
  • Prior to performing said duties, the assistant assessors will take the oath of office in accordance with MGL Chapter 41, section 29.
  • Assistant assessors appointed pursuant to MGL Chapter 41, section 25A may be required to complete the basic course of training and pass the examination prepared by the Commissioner of Revenue within two (2) years of their appointment, as provided in section 58.3.1 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations.
  • Assistant assessors appointed pursuant to MGL Chapter 41, section 25A will receive compensation only for duties performed as required.
  • Compensation for the assistant assessors appointed pursuant to this section shall be within the Schedule D-Miscellaneous Salary Schedule of the Personnel By-Laws.
  • Nothing in these sections shall usurp, negate, or otherwise diminish the full time salaried position of assistant assessor within the meaning of Schedule A of the Classification and Compensation Schedules of the personnel By-Laws.
  • Meetings shall be conducted once monthly during the fiscal year with additional meetings as required during the abatement review period. These meetings shall be directed by the Assessor. Minutes shall be kept of these meetings.
  • The Abatement Advisory Board will work under the direct supervision of the Assessor and indirect supervision of the Finance Director.
  • This will be an advisory group only. Their decisions will be non-binding. However, if the Assessor makes a decision contrary to that of the Abatement Advisory Board, documentation supporting this decision will be kept and shall be subject to the review of the Finance Director.