Registers of Bids & Award Postings

On this page, you will find Registers of Bids and Notices of Award for Invitations for Bids and Request for Quotes, as well as Registers of Responders for Requests for Proposals and Requests for Qualifications for all Town Departments and Enterprise Funds. Award notices and pricing will be made public for RFPs & RFQs once evaluations have been completed. 

All bidders will be notified of bid results following the Town’s final evaluation and determination of award. 

Invitation for Bids 

  1. Award Notice - IFB Water Main Extension - SSWWTF Bid No. 2021-TON-0819
  2. Bid Cancellation Notice - IFB Security Perimeter Fencing & Gates WWTF
  3. Bid Response - IFB ATM STM eVoting - 2021
  4. Register of Bidders - IFB Security Perimeter Fencing & Gates - Rebid
  5. Award Notice - IFB Security Perimeter Fencing & Gates NSD
  6. Register of Bidders - IFB Fields Parks Maint
  7. Nantucket S Shore Sewer Ext Bid Tab
  8. Award Notice - IFB S. Shore Rd. Sewer Extension
  9. Register of Bidders - IFB Children's Beach Concession
  10. Award Notice - IFB Children's Beach Concession Lease
  11. Register of Bidders - IFB eVoting Rebid
  12. Award Notice - IFB eVoting ATM STM Rebid
  13. Register of Bidders - IFB Sea St. Force Main No. 3
  14. Award Notice - IFB Sea St. Pump Station No. 3
  15. Bid Cancellation Notice - IFB Fields & Parks Maint.
  16. Register of Bidders - IFB Sewer Chemicals 2022
  17. Register of Bidders - IFB Housing 2022
  18. Register of Bidders - IFB Aggregates 2022
  19. Register of Bidders - IFB Mosquito Control 2022
  20. Award Notice - IFB Construction Materials
  21. Register of Bidders - IFB Long Pond at 48 South Cambridge St
  22. Award Notice - IFB Mosquito Control
  23. Register of Bidders - IFB Town Wide Landscaping 2022
  24. Register for Bidders - IFB Re-Bid Playing Field and Parks Maintenance
  25. Award Notice - IFB Long Pond at 48 South Cambridge St
  26. Register of Bidders - IFB Medical Sharps and Waste Machine
  27. Register of Bidders - IFB Dewatering Centrifuge Equip Electrical, Instrumentation, and Control Install.
  28. Bid Award - IFB Medical Sharps and Waste Machine
  29. Register of Bidders - IFB Construction Walkway and Timber Pier on Long Pond at 48 South Cambridge Street
  30. Register of Bidders and Award Notice - IFB Repair and Maintenance Services for HVAC, Oil and Geothermal Services
  31. Register of Bidders - IFB Town Landscaping Maintenance Services 2022-24

Request for Qualifications

To access to previous documents, visit the Town of Nantucket Digital Archive