GIS Maps

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Zoning Maps

Island Zoning Districts (PDF)Shows the commercial and residential zones of Nantucket
Formula Business Exclusion District (PDF)Shows the area where national retail stores, restaurants, bars, and take-out chains may be prohibited
Mid-Island Planned Overlay District (PDF)Shows a mixed use planning area with specific design standards
Town and Country Overlay District (PDF)Shows the extent of the town overlay district
Village Height Overlay District (PDF)
Shows the extent of the village height overlay district
Nantucket Cottage Hospital Overlay District (PDF)
Shows the extent of the Nantucket Cottage Hospital overlay district
Fire Resistant Shingles Overlay District (PDF)
Shows the Zones depicting the extent of the Fire Resistant Shingles overlay district.

Historic District Maps

Historic Districts Map (PDF)Shows areas of special concern to the Historic District Commission in the Downtown and Siasconset areas, which may be subject to stricter standards

Water Resource Maps

Harbor Protection (PDF)Shows the areas that drain into Nantucket Harbor
Madaket Harbor Protection (PDF)Shows the areas that drain into Madaket Harbor
Hummock Pond Protection (PDF)Shows the areas that drain into Hummock Pond
Wellhead Recharge Zones (PDF)Shows the areas that drain into the underground aquifer and the Mass. Department of Environmental Protection Zone 2
Town and Sconset Sewer Districts (PDF)Shows the extent of the sewer districts in the Siasconset and town sections of the island
Harbor Overlay District (PDF)Shows the extent of the Harbor Overlay District
Madaket Harbor Overlay District (PDF)Shows the extent of the Madaket Harbor Overlay District

Miscellaneous Maps

Beach Driving Map and Regulations (PDF)Shows which beaches are vehicle accessible and the regulations governing vehicles on the beach
Beach Areas (PDF)A reference guide for the names of beaches on Nantucket
Note: the beaches listed may not be open to the public
Taxi Rate Zones Index Map (PDF)Shows the breakdown of island areas that determine taxi rates
Taxi Rate Zone Boundary Maps (PDF)Detail maps of the individual Taxi Rate Zones
Parking Enforcement Areas (PDF)Shows the dates when parking regulations are enforced in the various sections of the downtown area
Nantucket Road Ownership Worksheet (PDF)Shows whether a road is public or private
Nantucket Trail Network Worksheet (PDF)Shows the sidewalks, bike paths, and approved trails
Surfside Takings (PDF)For discussion at the May 27, 2009 BOS Meeting