Demand Management Parking

An integral part of the Select Board’s Strategic Plan begun in 2016 and adopted in 2018 includes various efforts to encourage less use of vehicles and instead promote other modes of year-round transportation. Year-round transportation includes accessible, affordable, and reliable multi-modal options that respect the historical setting of our community and limit reliance on single-occupancy vehicles and private transportation.  In addition to making pedestrians and bicyclists feel safe as they traverse along paths and walkways that abut our local roads the Board wants to improve parking turnover in our vibrant Old Historic District and make year-round access a pleasant experience.  Goal 1 of the Select Board’s Transportation Strategic Planning area focuses on paid parking demand management principles:


GOAL 1 (2018)

Launch a downtown parking management system based on demand management principles that achieves (or is measured by) 85% occupancy of public parking spaces.

In 2019 the Select Board reaffirmed this goal and seeks to initiate a paid parking program in the summer of 2020. Town Administration’s recommendation includes a phased-in approach.

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