NGrid Island Ready: L8 Distribution Upgrade Project

National Grid and Verizon maintain existing overhead distribution facilities along an approximately 1.5 mile route between Candle Street and Milestone Road pursuant to grants of location issued by the town in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Upgrades are needed in the short term to ensure electric reliability for the island:

  • Increase capacity for east side of island, improve switching ability
  • Utilize full benefit and capacity of Bunker Road battery system and generator
  • Reduce potential for outages on other feeders, which serve critical facilities (L2 –sewage treatment; L4 –hospital; L7 –airport)

There is growing concern from National Grid engineers that nearing summer electricity demand these wire could potentially fail and outages would result until repairs are completed. Upgrades via L8 feeder alleviates summer demands on L2, L4, and L7.

Public Presentation

For more information on this project, visit the National Grid IslandReady website.

This page was last updated on January 16, 2020.