Isolation & Quarantine

 In light of recent developments in the Covid-19 outbreak, Nantucket Officials are highly recommending that any resident who has traveled domestically or internationally (including year round residents) stay at home on a voluntary 14-day quarantine. 

Recent scientific information on the Coronavirus shows that people who may be contagious may not show any symptoms for up to 14 days. A 14-day self-quarantine will cut down the risk of transmission significantly to family, friends or the public. Prevention of transmission is a group effort and the whole island needs your help to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Stay At Home

Why is it important to quarantine if I have been traveling?

Quarantine separates and restricts the movement of people who have traveled to an area of local transmission (a place that has an active outbreak) where they could have been exposed to Covid-19.

The 14 days of quarantine allow enough time to see if there is any manifestation of the virus, if the person presents symptoms. The “incubation period” is the time between catching the virus and beginning to have symptoms of the disease. Most estimates of the incubation period for COVID-19 range from 1-14 days, most commonly around five days.

Who needs to be isolated?

People that have tested positive for Covid-19, or are being evaluated and waiting for results, and are being cared for at home MUST isolate.
During the isolation period, public health staff and hospital staff will check with the patient regularly.

It is very important that a person that is being isolated:

  • Stops all activities outside his/her house. A person in isolation MUST remain home.
  • Within the house, the person should separate from other people in the house. He/she should use a separate bathroom if possible.
  • For every doctor’s appointment, call the doctor’s office before. Do not show up without calling.
  • Wears a facemask when the person is in the same room as other people.
  • Washes hands thoroughly and frequently, always using soap and for at least 20 seconds. 
  • Covers his/her coughs and sneezes using a tissue. The tissue needs to be disposed of immediately in a lined can.

Información para personas en cuarentena

Who Needs to Quarantine?