Rates & Charges

Rates for Metered Service


These rates are available, subject to the rules and regulations of the Company, to all customers located on the mains of the Company in the Town of Nantucket for all purposes except fire service.

Rates for Monthly Accounts

For each 100 cubic feet or any part thereof – $4.00 per 100 cubic feet.

Monthly Accounts -Metered Service (Water only)
Minimum Charge for Service
Size of Meter
For each 5/8-inch meter$25.00 
For each 1 – inch meter$35.00 
For each 1-1/2 – inch meter$45.00 
For each 2 – inch meter$72.50 
For each 3 – inch meter$275.00 
For each 4 – inch meter$350.00 
Rates for Private Fire Service


These rates are available, subject to the rules and regulations of the Company, to all customers in the Town of Nantucket for private fire service.


Annual Fixed Service Charges:

For each service connection to the Water Company’s mains used wholly or in part to supply private fire protection appliances owned and maintained by the customer, the following charges shall apply:

Per Year

  • For each 2-inch connection $   85.00
  • For each 4-inch connection $ 441.00
  • For each 6-inch connection $ 1,252.00
  • For each 8-inch connection $ 2,650.00

No additional charge will be made for fire appliances owned and maintained by the Company.

Terms of Payment

Private fire service bills are mailed annually in July. 

All bills for private fire service are due and payable at the office of the Company upon presentation. If payment in full of account is not made within forty-five (45) days after the bill is rendered, the Company will send a past due notice demanding payment and will assess a late penalty of five (5) percent on the forty-sixth (46) day starting from the date of billing.

Sewer Rates (Metered) - Seasonal Demand Mode 1
  • $8.80 per 100 cubic feet (May 1 - Oct. 31)
  • $6.60 per 100 cubic feet (Nov. 1- April 30)
Minimum Sewer Charge (Metered)
Monthly Size Descriptions
5/8" meter$33.00
3 /4" meter$33.00
1" meter$33.00
1-1/2" meter$33.00
2" meter$33.00
3" meter$33.00
4" meter$33.00
Sewer Charge (Non-Metered)
Rate Up to three (3) bedrooms$248.33 
Rate for four (4) bedrooms and over$414.13 
Other Miscellaneous Fees and Charges
Turn on or off fee - each visit$40.00
Service Restoration Fee for Violations$80.00
NSF Returned Check Fee$25.00
Transfer of Ownership Fee$100.00
New Meter Installation 1" (Outside Meter Setting)$5000.00
New Meter Installation 1.5"$7400.00
New Meter Installation 2.0"$7600.00
New Meter Installation 5/8" - 1" (Inside Meter)$1600.00
New Meter Installation 1.5" (Inside Meter)$6200.00
New Meter Installation 2.0" (Inside Meter)$7600.00
Individual Water Main Taps up to 1" (includes material)$5000.00
Individual Water Main Taps 4" - 12" (plus material)$5000.00
Emergency on-call service charge (minimum)$175.00
Deduct Meter$650.00
Fire Flow Request
Hydrant Meter Fee
Late Fee

Siasconset Water Department Rates (approved by Siasconset Water Commission)
5/8” meter$35.00 minimum monthly charge
1” meter$37.00 minimum monthly
2” meter$69.00 minimum monthly charge
100 cubic feet of water$9.00
Annual Fire Service$320.50

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