Deduct Meter Policy

It is the intent of this policy to establish the procedures and protocol for the establishment and administration of deduct meter accounts.   This policy is established by the Nantucket Water Commission and administered by the Wannacomet Water Company.


Primary Meter:  The primary meter is that meter through which all water to the account flows and is measured.   The primary meter is used to calculate the total water and, if applicable, wastewater charges for a defined billing period. 

Deduct Meter:  The deduct meter is located after the primary meter and meters water that has been measured by the Primary Meter and does not enter the municipal wastewater system.   Water measured by the deduct meter is deducted from the total water measured by the Primary Meter to calculate the net sewer charge. 

Policy and Procedures 

  1. Application for deduct meter service shall be made by the property owner or their designated agent at the offices of the Wannacomet Water Company.  The current application fee shall be paid in full at the time of application.  The fee is applicable for deduct meters up to and including 1 inch.  The fee for deduct meters larger then 1 inch shall be determined at the time of application.  The Wannacomet Water Company staff shall review the application fee from time to time and make a recommendation to the Nantucket Water Commission for any changes.
  1. The Wannacomet Water Company shall provide the applicant with a water meter and adapters, if required, at the time of application.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to have the water meter installed by a licensed plumber in accordance with the specifications of the Wannacomet Water Company. 
  1. The Water Company will program and leave the deduct meter on the property for the installation by a licensed plumber.  The homeowner or agent will notify the Wannacomet Water Company staff of the deduct meter location and that it is being used.
  1. Should any meter and/or its appurtenances become damaged, including any damage that may result from allowing the meter to become frozen, it shall be the responsibility of the property owner to pay for said damage.  All repairs and/or replacements shall be performed by the Wannacomet Water Company.  There shall be a minimum repair charge of $100.00.
  1. When the irrigation system is winterized by the property owner or their designee, the water meter shall be removed and drained of water and the meter placed in a secure location on the premises.  
  1. Deduct meters must be on line and properly installed in order to be credited for the sewer charges.  The meter must be installed so that the direction of flow arrow located on the meter is pointing in the right direction.  A deduct meter that is installed backwards shall be deemed as not working properly and no adjustment will be made for sewer charges. 
  2. Customers must take care to not loose their meter as it is programmed to work for your home and no adjustment will be made if misplaced.