Halloween Guidance

The Town of Nantucket recommends that people follow the “Halloween guidance” issued by the state; and, adhere to the Nantucket Board of Health Emergency Order #13. The CDC has also issued guidance as to Halloween activities, which the Town supports.  The Chamber of Commerce has cancelled its trick or treating events and is endorsing following state guidelines as well. 

Nantucket is a designated “red” community, which signifies a dangerous level of cases and requires all of the community to be vigilant about safety measures.  The Town discourages large gatherings that are not otherwise allowed and will not be providing 3rd party details for any neighborhood for Halloween.  Posting an “invitation” on FB violates state guidance which prohibits the promotion of large gathering events (which on Nantucket through the local Board of Health order is up to 10 people).

Halloween 2020
Halloween 2020 SP