Capacity Management Operations and Maintenance (CMOM) Repair Replacement Project

The Capacity Management Operations and Maintenance (CMOM) repair replacement project is underway as a continuation of the Year 1 closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection work. The work will take place across the island using the multiple techniques listed below. Many of these projects will require traffic control with limited times when the roadways will be closed in full. All roads will be reopened every night. The schedule is fluid and weather dependent, and every effort will be made to notify residents when work is scheduled. The construction period will be 3-4-years. Pictures and videos will be posted in the Sewer Department’s projects webpage on the Towns of Nantucket website.

  • Complete replacements - All 6” Sewer mains discovered are being replaced with the goal of accommodating future capacities by installing replacements of 8” or 10” PVC-SDR. In some cases, extensive paving from curb to curb is required.
  • Point Repairs - Mains that in are in overall good shape but include small areas that scored level 4-5 defects are having those areas repaired. This requires limited paving and is mainly confined to the trench area excavated.
  • Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) – This water pipe repair method, the most popular used in the U.S. for sanitary sewer, storm sewer, is increasingly being used for drinking water pipe repairs. Today, approximately 50% of all damaged pipes are being repaired using CIPP technology. This is new technology for Nantucket which will reduce costs. During the lining process there will be odors when the piping is being cured but is only a temporary and subsides very quickly. We will be performing door to door notification to residents when this type of work is scheduled. This process requires no excavation or paving unless a new manhole is needed. 

Project schedule/look-aheads: Weekly Schedule HERE (PDF).

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