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CRP Mid Project Summary Report

The Nantucket Coastal Resilience Plan Mid Project Summary Report outlines the primary risks associated with flooding and erosion today and how these risks will grow in the decades ahead. By assessing these risks, Nantucket can understand the costs associated with inaction and establish a baseline for what we need to do to adapt as a community.

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In collaboration with Irys, the Nantucket Coastal Resilience Plan Project Team is excited to announce the launch of the Irys App – a tool to help facilitate two-way engagement as we move forward with the development of the Coastal Resilience Plan.

Nantucket is the very first place the app will be available and we are excited to launch the tool with the community. Please be aware that as with any new technology, the app is being continually refined and updated. As we identify any issues, they will be addressed through future updates.

Using the Irys App, you will be able to: 

Provide Input: Provide feedback throughout the development of the Nantucket Coastal Resilience Plan. Users can choose from providing input by location, providing input by category, and responding to survey questions.

  • Find Events: Find opportunities to participate in future Nantucket Coastal Resilience Plan events!
  • View Project Updates: Track project progress and view information about project developments.
  • Build Community: Follow your feed! View community input and interact with other app users.

The Irys App is available for download now on iOS and Android devices.

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  1. We would love to hear from you! To contact us, please reach out to:

    Vincent Murphy

    Natural Resources Department
    Coastal Resilience Coordinator
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Project Mission

The Coastal Resilience Plan draws on the cherished built and natural heritage of Nantucket to create a community-supported roadmap to implementation for a series of layered flood control and adaptation approaches that lessen the loss from storm surges and help the community adapt to rising seas and eroding coastlines. In coordination with other ongoing adaptation and sustainability initiatives, the plan addresses the whole island and county while respecting the unique characteristics of each neighborhood. Driven by the inclusive and equitable engagement of all, the plan aspires to create social, environmental, and economic benefits and value to everyone who will share in Nantucket’s future.

Project Overview

Climate change presents an urgent and pressing crisis for Nantucket. Developing a Coastal Resilience Plan is a critical step in the Town and County of Nantucket’s process of preparing for and adapting to the effects of climate change, which include increasingly intense and frequent coastal flooding, erosion, and future sea level rise.

The plan will analyze risks to the island's homes and businesses, public infrastructure, economy, civic spaces, and historic and natural resources, and propose location-specific interventions for reducing long-term risks and increasing resilience, as well as provide a recommended implementation roadmap. The process will build on prior and ongoing studies led by the Town.

Process and Timeline

The CRP will provide a long-term adaptation plan for the entire island, along with detailed feasibility and implementation guidance for near-term projects over the next 10 years. The CRP planning process will involve an examination of a range of flood protection options and provide recommendations for new policies and investments in nature-based and grey infrastructure.  The project team will work in close partnership with the Nantucket community and other groups to develop the CRP. 

The process for developing this plan combines: 

  • Climate science
  • Robust community engagement
  • Engineering and technical analysis
  • Urban and landscape planning and design
  • Implementation planning


The plan will be completed in Fall 2021 and involve four phases of public outreach and engagement to help refine and finalize the scenarios on which the proposed solutions will be based, as summarized in our Community Engagement Plan. Public health and safety will be a priority throughout the process, and we will look for creative ways to engage the community while adhering to COVID-19 guidance and restrictions.

Coastal Resilience Plan Timeline

Project Organization

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