Business Certificate

Required Filing

If you are doing business on Nantucket, under anything other than your own name, you are required by Massachusetts General Law (MGL) to file a Doing Business As (DBA) with the Town Clerk’s Office.

There are three exceptions where you are not required by law to file:

  • If you are currently incorporated within the State of Massachusetts and are operating the Business under the corporate name. (If operating in a name other than the corporate name, you must file a DBA with the town.)
  •  If you hold an LLC with the State of Massachusetts, and are operating the Business under the LLC name.
  • If you have a Trademark with the State of Massachusetts.

Please remember that filing a DBA is not a name protection unless you fall under the three exceptions.

Please also note: ** A Business Certificate does not necessarily give you permission to operate your business, it only registers the name.  It is your responsibility to obtain any and all required permits and/or licenses to operate from the building department, health department, and/or proper licensing authority.**

The filing fee is $50 and your DBA will be valid for four years from the date of filing.

Business Certificate (DBA) (PDF)