Article 85


(Bylaw Amendment:  Board of Sewer Commissioners/Sewer District Map Change - 154R Cliff Road)

Carried Over from 2020 Annual Town Meeting

            To see if the Town will vote to:  Amend the sewer district map to include 154R Cliff Road, identified as Nantucket Tax Accessor's Map 41, Parcel 73.1, which is currently outside the core sewer district.


; or otherwise act thereon.


(Bryan Swain, et al)

FINANCE COMMITTEE MOTION:  Moved to take no action on the Article.


NOTE:  At its meeting on March 10, 2021, the Select Board acting as the Sewer Commissioners voted not to add the parcel referenced in the Article to the Town Sewer District. If a positive Motion were to be brought forward at Town Meeting, a two-thirds vote would be required from Town Meeting in order for the Article to be adopted; and if so adopted, prior to any sewer extension being undertaken the owner(s) of the property must comply with any and all conditions of the Town, including but not limited to payment for engineering, construction, condition assessment and capacity analysis of the current and potential upgrade of the force main and/or sewer line to which this property would be connected. 


Quantum of vote required for passage of a positive motion is 2/3