Nobadeer Field House

Approximately eleven years ago the Town entered into an arrangement with the Nantucket Land Bank for the utilization of the property known as Nobadeer Fields to be used as recreational space for the Town. The Town subsequently applied to the Community Preservation Committee for funding for this project which was first approved for FY 2009 under Article 26 Annual Town Meeting.

The CPC made the following grants for the creation of the playing fields on the property.  

  • FY 2009/Article 26: $500,000. Fully expended in FY12
  • FY 2011/Article 26: $300,000.  Fully expended in FY15
  • FY 2012/Article 28: $300,068.  Fully expended in FY15
  • FY 2013/Article 32: $1,100,000. Fully expended in FY16

In addition, in FY 2013/Article 31 the CPC awarded $385,000 for plans for the development of a field house. A portion of that has been spent and there is a current balance of $155,721.77 still available for this purpose.

In FY 2016, an additional $700,000 was approved at the request of the DPW from the Town budget to be used to create a field house.

During 2021 Annual Town Meeting, the amended Article 16 requested an additional $2,000,000 for the design, construction, furnishing and equipping of a field house at Nobadeer Fields. This Article passed Town Meeting and was then subject to an approval of the borrowing in that amount at the ballot on June 15. The additional amount that was requested and approved was the sum necessary to meet the terms of the lowest qualified bidder of the project which had a bid closing date of 5/14/2021.  

The approval for borrowing at the ballot on June 15th was approved 925 yes, 665 no, with 90 blanks. The proposed field house project will now proceed with the next step being a contract awarded to the lowest qualified bidder by end of June.