Certified Local Government Commission


On March 19, 2021 the National Park Service approved Nantucket’s application to participate in the Certified Local Government (CLG) Program under Section 101(c) of the National Historic Preservation Act. The Certified Local Government Program is a Federal Preservation Partnership between local, state, and national governments focused on promoting historic preservation at the local level. 

 The CLG program gives Nantucket: (1) eligibility to apply for grants under the Federal Historic Preservation Fund; (2) have a stronger role in nominating properties to the National Register; (3) increased technical assistance from the Massachusetts Historical Commission (State Historic Preservation Office); and (4) is an official acknowledgement of the Town of Nantucket’s commitment to historic preservation. 

Nantucket’s CLG duties are as follows: (1) enforcement of Local Legislation (HDC’s Special Act); (2) have an adequate and qualified Local Government Commission (made of up members of the HDC & NHC); (3) participate in the National Register Program (however not encouraged for Nantucket due to our island-wide National Historic Landmark district); (4) Survey and Inventory of Historic Properties (a mutual effort by both the HDC & NHC); (5) provide for adequate public participation in local historic preservation programs (both the HDC & NHC follow the Commonwealth’s Open Meeting Law requirements for full public participation); and (6) participate in Massachusetts Historical Commission training sessions or workshops for CLGs.

Along with both commission’s and the Town of Nantucket’s commitment for Historic Preservation, the Town’s Preservation Planner retains the responsibilities of the Local CLG Coordinator. Those duties include: (1) Attends MHC training sessions for CLGs; (2) Transmits National Register Nominations (N/A due to island-wide NHL district) and CLG Reports to MHC; (3) Solicits recommendations of the CEO regarding potential nominations to the National Register (N/A due to island-wide NHL district); (4) Notifies chief elected officials of vacancies on commissions; (5) Regularly attends meetings of both commissions; (6) Collects materials from each commission for Annual Report; and (7) Organizes the annual joint meeting of two commissions.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

Most Recent Agenda (PDF) | View All Agendas and Minutes


HDC Commissioners: 

  • Ray Pohl, Chair
  • Stephen Welch, Vice-Chair
  • Diane Coombs 
  • Val Oliver
  • Abby Camp

Alternate Commissioners:

  • Carrie Thornewill
  • Jesse Dutra
  • Connie Patton

NHC Commissioners: 

  • Angus MacLeod, Chair
  • Georgia U. Raysman, Vice-Chair
  • David Silver
  • Thomas Murray Montgomery
  • Milton Rowland
  • Clement Durkes
  • Abby De Molina

Alternate Commissioners: 

  • Susan Handy

Contact Us

  1. Holly E. Backus

    Preservation Planner**
    Local CLG Coordinator
    Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Coordinator
    Town of Nantucket

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