Public Works

Covid Roadside Collection Sign 07-08-2020[1]

For the summer of 2020, on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays, DPW Staff will stop by and remove consolidated bagged ROADSIDE litter at the following bike path drop off locations (Look for the signs):

  1. Milestone Bike Path (between Monomoy Road and Polpis Road)
  2. Milestone Bike Path @ Tom Nevers Road
  3. Polpis Bike Path @ the Don Allen FORD Crosswalk
  4. Madaket Bike Path @ the Eel Point Crosswalk
  5. Surfside Bike Path @ South Shore Road

Be an ACK SUPERSTAR and drop off your collected ROADSIDE litter today!  Kindly separate any found recyclables.

Please call the DPW Office at (508) 228-7244 for special pickup of any large items found.
NO Household Waste.



The Department of Public Works staff consists of 33 employees in 6 divisions responsible for the maintenance of Nantucket’s infrastructure and public facilities.

The administration consists of the Public Works Director, Engineering, Facilities Manager and Office Administrators.

Its Mission

The mission of the Nantucket Department of Public Works is to provide public safety and to provide and maintain public services necessary for the economy, growth, and quality of life for the citizens and visitors to Nantucket.


The Public Works Administration is responsible for providing continuous coordination to all divisions of the Department of Public Works through effective leadership in order to ensure that all the functions of the Department are carried out completely and efficiently.

The department is also responsible for the care and maintenance of town trees, and snow and ice removal.


The specific functions of this office include:

  • Preparing the annual operating budget for the department and overseeing expenditures of all divisions
  • Providing clerical and accounting support to the department for the processing of payrolls, purchase orders, invoices, and the management of the departmental budget
  • Preparing and collecting solid waste billing
  • Developing and updating the department’s long term Capital Plan for all divisions
  • Supervising Department personnel, including ensuring that personnel are properly trained and motivated
  • Ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations relative to public works operations
  • Receiving inquiries and complaints from citizens relative to the public works infrastructure and forwarding the information to the appropriate division for action
  • Interfacing with town boards, commissions, and other departments, as well as providing coordination with state and federal agencies, other municipalities, and outside utilities relative to public works projects

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