Public Works


The Department of Public Works Leadership Team consists of the Office Manager and administrators, Director, Deputy Director of Operations, Deputy Director of Facilities, Solid Waste/Recycling Coordinator, Operations and Facilities Managers, and Central Fleet Manager.


The mission of the Nantucket Department of Public Works is to provide and maintain Public Services necessary for the economy, growth and quality of life for the citizens and visitors to Nantucket.

Responsibilities and Priorities

The Department of Public Works program supports the Select Board Strategic Plan’s five priorities including: Transportation, Environmental Leadership, Housing, Efficient Town Operations, and Quality of Life.

We operate, maintain, and improve the Town’s critical assets including but not limited to: public roads, sidewalks, multi-use paths, trees/vegetation, parks/fields, buildings/facilities/grounds, vehicle and equipment fleet, parking lots, signs and pavement markings, beaches, solid waste/recycling program, landfill, household hazardous waste program, bridges, mosquito control program, accessibility services, snow/ice operations, cemeteries, and special events.

 We coordinate with residents, local, state, and federal agencies as well as countless organizations, manage permits, contracts, record-keeping, and other various administrative functions.

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