South Shore Road Sewer Extension Project

During the spring and fall of 2022, the Town of Nantucket installed new sewer and water main infrastructure along S Shore Rd. The work included the installation of a new gravity sewer, as well as the new Sea St. Pump Station Force Main and an extension of the water main to the Surfside WWTF under separate contracts. All new pipelines have been installed within the existing town right-of-way. Construction of the main gravity sewer line from the WWTF to the fire entrance at Sachem’s Path is now complete, including service connection laterals to property lines and sewer main stubs and manholes to adjacent streets for future extensions. All of the new pipelines have been tested and temporary pavement has been installed. Once the new Sea St. Pump Station Force Main installation is complete and the pipeline is tested, S Shore Rd will be repaved with new curb to curb pavement from Surfside Rd to the WWTF. Final surface restoration also includes minor adjustments to grading and drainage infrastructure improvements as needed in isolated areas.

The new gravity sewer has been installed “dry”, which means that connections to the new sewer line will not be allowed at this time. A pump station needs to be installed at the WWTF site to pump the future flow to the WWTF headworks. The new gravity sewer in S Shore Rd was installed now so that S Shore Rd can be repaved one time. This new gravity sewer will provide service to some of the properties within the Miacomet Needs Area, as defined in the 2014 Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan, and gravity service previously unavailable to properties already located in the sewer district. Additionally, this new gravity sewer line will ultimately allow for the abandonment and removal of the existing Sachem’s Path and Sherburne Commons pump stations, while also providing a new discharge location for the Abrem’s Quary pump station and removal of all three station’s flows from the Surfside Road pump station. Important documents for abutters, project schedule, and mapping can be found below.

Important Documents