Waste streams flyer


  • Shipping Boxes (clean, corrugated cardboard)
  • Plastics (bottles, cups, jars, jugs, and tubs)
  • Tin/Aluminum (food and beverage cans, bottle and jar lids, aluminum foil items)
  • Glass (bottles and jars). Sort lids and caps according to their material.


Food scraps and mixed paper. This includes, for example, pizza/food boxes, paper towels, paper bags, newspapers, magazines, tissues, coffee grounds, pet waste. 

Note: waxed paper items (and all other items made from a mix of materials) go in Non-Recyclable & Non-Compostable Waste.


Household waste items that do not belong in the other streams. This includes: plastic bags and other plastic film, Styrofoam, plastic wrappers, chip bags, milk cartons, cleaning wipes, diapers, incandescent lights, textiles that are not reusable (you can leave your reusable textiles at the Take-It-or-Leave-It), and all items and packaging made from a mix of materials (when possible, please separate items made from a mix of materials into their separate waste streams).

* All items should be clean and empty, and must be contained in clear plastic bags. 

** All loads must be covered when en-route to the landfill. Fines can be issued for trash blowing from vehicles.

Solid Waste Agreements