Nantucket’s mandatory recycling program was established in July of 1996. All residential and commercial property owners or occupants are required to recycle. The Material Recovery Facility (MRF) provides a single drop-off area for all source-separated recyclable and household waste. Commercial haulers carrying large loads of commingled recyclables will make use of a separate tipping floor.


  • All trash must be contained in clear plastic bags.
  • All loads must be covered when en-route to the landfill. Fines can be issued for trash blowing from vehicles

Staying On a Boat

Look for the satellite recycling shed at the town pier. Deposit your recyclables there. Please do not deposit household waste in the satellite recycling shed.

Here for a Week or Year-Round

All residents may take their recyclables to the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) at the landfill either source-separated (done at home) or separated there into labeled chutes

If you separate recyclables at home, please do so as described in the chart. If you take mixed or commingled recyclables to the MRF, please follow the directions at the Citizens Drop-Off Center. There is no charge for the drop-off of recyclables or household trash.

Updates and further information can be obtained by calling the MRF.