The People Who Make This Island Run 

Meet NEET is an initiative by the Town of Nantucket’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Office. The Nantucket Employee Empowerment Team (NEET) was created to empower employees to recognize and utilize their skills, to provide exceptional customer service to the Nantucket community. The vision for this initiative is to recognize members of our community for their work. Meet NEET aims to share with the public general information about “the people who make this island run.” 


There are approximately 400 full and part-time individuals who work for the Town of Nantucket. The goal of Meet NEET is to identify and learn about the unsung heroes who work to keep their departments performing at optimal capacity. Another goal of this initiative is to acknowledge community members who volunteer on boards and committees for their contributions to civil service and Town operations. 

Initiative’s Objectives

The initiative objectives are: (1) acknowledge Town employees and volunteers, (2) embrace workplace diversity, (3) build community comradery, (4) collect qualitative data on DEI, and (5) seek ideas for improvements in Town operations. These objectives demonstrate how the participants’ input will be valued. The objectives will also be used to develop metrics, exemplify benchmarks reached, and/or used to create other avenues for engaging employees and the community. 


Participation is completely voluntary. All participants will be selected and interviewed by the DEI Director. Participants have an opportunity to review their write-up prior to publication in the Town Manger’s monthly electronic newsletter. 


The interview questions will cover five areas: (1) living on Nantucket, (2) employment/volunteering experiences, (3) DEI hopes, (4) favorite recreational activities, and (5) food for thought. The questions will vary depending on the participant’s role and responsibilities. Generally, the questions aim to unearth information about the individuals, their work, and life on Nantucket, which their colleagues and neighbors may not know but find useful and get to know them better. 

For more information on Meet NEET contact the DEI Director.