February 2023

Green Community grant projects completed 

Earlier this month, the Town completed the last of a series of municipal energy-efficiency projects funded through a $160,988 grant from the Massachusetts Green Communities program.  These projects included new LED retrofits at the Public Safety Facility and the former Fire Station located at 131 Pleasant Street, high-efficiency heat pump systems installed at the DPW headquarters, Finance Department, and NRTA office, as well as smart-wifi thermostats installed at the Finance Department. 

Together, these projects will save the Town approximately $27,800 in annual energy costs, as well offset 450MMBTUs of energy use and 43.7 tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per year.  To date, the Town of Nantucket has received over $300,000 in energy project grant funds from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) since becoming a designated Green Community in 2020.

Energy 1

New high-efficiency air-source heat pumps installed at the DPW offices at 188 Madaket Rd., replacing an old oil-fired boiler and inefficient window AC units.

energy 2
The Town upgraded existing CFL-fixtures with high efficiency LED lighting to help reduce electric usage and improve lighting quality at the Public Safety Facility.

MASS SAVE Returns to Nantucket: March 20 -24, April 10 -14

Take advantage of a no-cost, Mass Save energy assessment and receive free LEDs, smart thermostats, 75% off insulation work, and a customized list of recommendations to reduce your home’s energy usage this winter and save all year long. New incentives for 2023 available, including increased incentives for airsource “minisplit” heatpumps! To sign-up for your free home energy assessment, please visit: ngrid.com/nantucket or call 1-844-615-8316.   Questions? Contact Lauren Sinatra, Energy Coordinator, LSinatra@nantucket-ma.gov or 508-325-5379.

2023 Stretch Code updates

On February 8th, the Energy Office helped facilitate a virtual presentation on the "2023 Residential Stretch Code,” which took effect on January 1, 2023, requiring a decrease to the Maximum HERS Index, new ERI documentation, and EV-ready and solar-ready requirements. The video recording and copies of the slide presentations are now available

We remind everyone that although Nantucket adopted the Stretch Code in 2019, the "Municipal Opt-In Specialized Stretch Code," would only take effect in Nantucket if the local community votes to specifically adopt it at a future Town Meeting. 

For questions about the presentation material, we encourage you to contact the Energy Code Support Team at: 855-757-9717 or energycodesma@psdconsulting.comand to talk to your HERS Rater.

SouthCoast Wind Visit to Nantucket on February 8, 2023

SouthCoast Wind, formerly known as Mayflower Wind, visited the Town of Nantucket on February 8, 2023.   SouthCoast shared information about its proposed wind farm with Town officials and residents during several meetings.  The first meeting provided an opportunity for members of the Offshore Wind Work Group to pose questions to SouthCoast representatives concerning its project, including adverse visual effects.  SouthCoast next discussed the project with the public at a community drop-in session held at the Town’s meeting trailer. SouthCoast closed its visit with a presentation to the Select Board.  SouthCoast representatives responded to questions from Select Board members as well as members of the public and Cultural Heritage Partners, PLLC, the Town’s special counsel on offshore wind federal permitting matters.  For more information about SouthCoast Wind click here. For visual simulations provided by SouthCoast click here.  The Town encourages residents to express their concerns to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management during public meetings currently scheduled on March 20, 22, and 27, 2023.  The Town continues to closely monitor SouthCoast Wind and other offshore wind projects and to demand that developers avoid and minimize harm to the greatest extent possible.