Project Management Office

The Town currently has more than 100 active projects and there are more than $700M in major projects identified for delivery through 2030. Effective and efficient project management has now become a mission critical and high-value function in addition to the day-to-day operations in Nantucket government (e.g. providing water, sewer, police, fire, DPW, etc.).   Once a project is identified and approved in the Town’s Capital Planning System, the P/PMS will obtain the information electronically and shall become system of record for managing the project scope, project activities and schedules across all phases of the project’s project life cycle, from project initiation through project closeout.  Projects external to the Capital Planning process will be entered manually and managed in the same manner.  Project funding and budget information will be integrated from Munis (financial system of record).

Aspirational Statement

The Project Management Office (PMO) maximizes the value of the Town of Nantucket’s many projects, programs and initiatives in the public interest through the successful implementation and management of best project management practices. 


The mission of the Town’s Project Management Office (PMO) is to provide an enterprise-wide approach to identify, prioritize, and successfully execute a portfolio of major initiatives and projects that are aligned with the Town’s and Select Board’s strategic goals and vision.  The PMO’s primary responsibility is to identify, manage and control project constraints by ensuring project plans are implemented on schedule, within scope, and budget.  Project management leadership in the PMO is responsible for establishing and implementing best practices for the benefit of the Town in a way that encourages collaboration, standardization, and overall improvement in our island community.


  • Support Town leaders, department heads and staff as a source for project management leadership and expertise
  • Promote best practice standards, quality, and methodologies into a project management discipline
  • Utilize PMBOK-based methodology as well as support ‘best fit’ approach for project management at the Town
  • Provide a channel of communication for project status, financial health, and mitigation of issues, risks, and dependencies across projects, departments, boards and/or work groups
  • Build project management maturity at the organization level

In support of the Nantucket Select Board’s Strategic planning process, Town Administration, though it’s PMO, is in the process of implementing an electronic system for project and portfolio management (P/PMS) and is developing a structured framework for all major projects that are underway and planned. This system will provide a comprehensive, easy to use, single source of project information, project details, schedules, scope, budgets, costs, risks, planning tools, dashboards, etc., for use by project managers and managers across all departments.

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  1. Gregg Tivnan

    Assistant Town Manager for Strategic Projects