Permits Fee Schedule

View a downloadable Fee Schedule (PDF).

Permit DescriptionFee

Beach Permit
Catering Permit
Disposal Works Installer's Permit
Farmers' Market - Residential Kitchen / Retail Food Permit - (non-restaurant)
Farmers' Market - Retail Food Permit (restaurant)
Farmers' Market - Site Permit
Food Service Establishment Permit$150 (50 seats or less)
$250 (51-199 seats)
$350 (200 seats or more)
Innholders Permits
Lodging House / Dormitory Permits
Mobile Food Service Permit
Operation Without Benefit of Current Permit4 times the permit fee
Permit to Sell Nicotine Delivery Products
Public / Semi-Public Pool Permits$150
Recreational Camps for Children Permits
Residential Kitchen Permit (Bed and Breakfast)
Retail Food Store
$125 (0-5,000 Square Feet)
$150 (>5,000 Square Feet - 15,000 Square Feet)
$300 (>15,000 Square Feet)
Limited Service/Retail$50
Supermarket Surcharge$300
Food Establishment Plan Review (Retail and/or Service)$150
Scallop Shanty
Septic Hauler Permit
Body Art Practitioner Permit$150
Body Art Establishment Permit$150
Temporary Food Service Permit

Bake Sale
Nonprofit Fundraiser (No Food Prep)
$30 w/o Potentially Hazardous Food
$50 w/ Potentially Hazardous Food
$10 for 10 Events
$100 for 5 events
General Re-Inspection$25
Application for a Variance$20
Late Fee (For Non-Annual Permits)$20
Building Permit Review$20

Well Permits

Permits are good for one year:

Permit DescriptionFee
Well Installation Without Current Permit4 times the permit fee
Well Permit$100

Septic System Permits (New & Repairs)

Permits are good for 2 years:

Total Leaching Capacity in GallonsFee
0 to 499$300
500 to 999$400
1,000 and Over$500
Ejector Pump Permits$100
Reinspection Due to Previous ViolationPenalty equal to original fee
Septic System or Component Installed Without Permit4 times the original fee
Septic Tank Relocation$100
Plan Review$100 per Revision
$150 with New Construction
Innovative/Alternative Surcharge$150
Component Replacement, Repair, or Abandonment$100

Perc Test and System Inspection Witness FeesFees
Witness Fee - First 3 hours$150 (2 Holes Maximum)
Witness Fee - After 3 hours$50 per hour