Commission on Disability

The Nantucket Commission on Disability represents and advocates for the needs and interests of the disabled community living on or visiting Nantucket Island. It is the goal of this commission for the disabled population to fully integrate and participate in the Nantucket community. "Access for All" is our commission's objective.

The commission meets the second Monday of each month at 3:30 pm at the Country Kitchen Room, 40 Sherburne Commons Road, Nantucket, MA. 

The commission shall consist of five to nine members appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The majority of members shall consist of people with disabilities. One of such members may be a member of the immediate family of a person with a disability. One member shall be either an elected or an appointed official of the town.


The purpose of the commission is to coordinate programs with the Massachusetts Office on Disability in order to bring about full and equal participation in all aspects of life in the Town of Nantucket for people with disabilities.

The commission’s responsibilities are as follows:

  • research local problems of people with disabilities
  • help coordinate activities with other local groups who share similar interests in helping the disabled population;
  • review and make recommendations about policies, procedures, services and activities of departments and agencies of the Town of Nantucket as they affect people with disabilities;
  • work in cooperation with the departments and agencies of the Town of Nantucket to bring about maximum participation of people with disabilities;
  • initiate, monitor, and promote legislation at the town, state, and federal level, which advances the equal status of people with disabilities, and ensure that appropriate regulations are adopted and enforced pursuant to such legislation;
  • encourage public awareness of disability issues;
  • provide information, referral, guidance and advice to individuals, businesses, organizations and public agencies in all matters pertaining to disability;
  • take such action, as the commission considers appropriate to ensure the equal status of persons with disabilities;
  • issue parking permits to disabled residents.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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Mickey Rowland, Chair
Term Expires: 2020

Jeanette Topham, Vice Chair
Term Expires: 2020

Joshua Butler
Term Expires: 2022

August Chotkowski
Term Expires: 2022

Maribeth Maloney, Commission Member
Term Expires: 2021

John Malloy, Commission Member
Term Expires: 2022

Georgia Ann Snell, Commission Member
Term Expires: 2020

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