Transportation Projects & Studies

Parking Studies

  • Parking Management Program - Not Adopted Policy - a parking management program proposed by ReMain Nantucket (Nelson/Nygaard - Feb. 2011)
  • Parking Management Strategies - an evaluation of potential parking management strategies (Nelson/Nygaard - Sept. 2010) 
  • Park and Ride Study - a study of options for providing public transportation between the ferry terminals and an out-of-town pick up / drop off location (TetraTech - March 2010)
  • Downtown Parking Evaluation - an evaluation of parking demand in the Downtown area (TetraTech - Feb. 2010).
 Traffic Studies
  • Downtown Traffic Study - a study to improve overall circulation and access to the ferry terminals in the downtown area (Milone & MacBroom - March 2008) 
  • Mid-Island Area Traffic Study - a traffic study and strategy for the Mid-Island Area (GPI - July 2005)
  • Milestone Road - Road Safety Audit (RSA) - a study of the approx. six-mile long corridor from Old South Road to Ocean Avenue documenting findings of the RSA team and is intended to be used by planners, engineers, and local stakeholders to inform future design modifications (May 2017)
  • Old South Road Corridor Study - a conceptual traffic study of strategies to improve safety, congestion, connectivity for all modes of travel (on-going)

 Intersection Studies and Projects

  1. Four Corners Intersection Redesign: a roundabout project for the intersection of Sparks Ave, Prospect St, Atlantic Ave, and Surfside Rd
  2. Surfside Rd at Bartlett Road: a roundabout project to address safety and congestion deficiencies
  3. Fairgrounds Intersections: a study of traffic improvements along Fairgrounds Road at South Shore Rd and Old South Road (GPI - Sept. 2006

Bike Path Projects