Nantucket Employee Empowerment Team (NEET)

Mission Statement

The Nantucket Employee Empowerment Team (NEET) is a resource that empowers employees to recognize and utilize their skills, to provide exceptional customer service to our Nantucket Community.


“The Nantucket Employee Empowerment Team (NEET) held a Winter Social at Cisco Brewery during the holiday season to benefit the Saltmarsh Senior Center and Our Island Home. Town employees were asked to come and celebrate the season and bring a donation for the seniors of Nantucket. The Saltmarsh ended up with so many great donations we had to spread the gifts over a period of days. The seniors were thrilled with the choices they had from the huge pile of donations. There were lots of warm slippers, hats, scarves and gloves along with gift cards from Stop & Shop & the Handlebar Café, boxes of chocolates, bath salts and toothbrushes. There was something for everyone and nothing was left by the end of the week! Thank you Town of Nantucket employees for your generosity to the community!”
 –Laura Stewart, Saltmarsh Senior Center.