Long Range Transportation Plan Update

Every few years, regional bodies must update their Long Range Transportation Plans in order to remain eligible for federal funding assistance. The Long Range Transportation Plan is a 20 to 25 year vision and strategy for advancing regional transportation. It includes prioritized project lists and is financially constrained. Additionally, the Long Range Transportation Plan compiles various transportation data together into one single document and serves as a comprehensive resource for information about people, mobility, and accessibility.

Regions located within Massachusetts are slated to update their Long Range Transportation Plans with anticipated endorsement in the summer of 2023. Nantucket Planning and Economic Development staff are preparing a draft update for review, direction, and edit by the Nantucket Planning and Economic Development Commission. 

The Approach

For this cycle, staff propose to update the order of priority for projects based on several planning criteria, including:

  • Safety – Reduce risks for Nantucket’s most vulnerable roadway users.
  • Equity – Invest in projects/strategies that support marginalized resident and labor populations.
  • Sustainability – Support future generations by reducing today’s transportation impacts.
  • Convenience – Reduce travel times and improve access for all users.
  • Maintenance of Character and Culture – Avoid impacts to existing built and historical environment.
  • Implementable – Invest in projects/strategies that are more likely to be achieved based n complexity, expense, and general community support.

Updated lists will be reviewed by the Nantucket Planning and Economic Development Commission. With public input, the NP&EDC will facilitate editing and adjustment of the proposed lists.

How You Can Be Involved

Your input is important! There are multiple ways to stay involved.

  • Respond to the Long Range Transportation Questionnaire (expected release – late November/early December 2020). Responses will help staff prioritize the initial project lists for NP&EDC review.
  • Follow the NP&EDC’s review process and provide comment at public NP&EDC meetings.
  • Submit written comments on the draft plan to the Transportation Program Manager during the 21-day comment period (anticipated summer of 2023)
  • Participate in a public-hearing following the 21-day comment period.