New Our Island Home

The path to a potential new Our Island Home began as early as 2007. An overview of efforts to date can be found here.

More recently, efforts have been underway to review and understand what could be done at OIH's current location of East Creek Road.

How did we get here? 
In April 2015 Annual Town Meeting the Town sought authorization for funding to design a new facility. Multiple sites were identified and SMRT architects were engaged to conduct a feasibility study. A great amount of work and review was done by Town consultants (SMRT, SK Advisors, and Rabig Consultants) as well as a second OIH Workgroup (the first being in 2013) and a Building Committee; both formed in December 2016. This work resulted in 4 Select Board sponsored articles at April 2017 Annual Town meeting to authorize design and construction cost, property acquisition and related property sewer and zoning changes that would be required to build a new facility adjacent to Sherburne Commons on Miacomet Road. These articles were not approved at Town meeting with some citing concern that the current location needed a more in-depth review.
In November 2017, the Select Board voted to have Town Administration start searching for a firm to make recommendation on operating options, cost estimates, demographics and determine the feasibility of building at the current location. An operation review began in May 2018 with CliftonLarsonAllen and later a second architectural/engineering feasibility study began with a focus on what would be required to replace the current facility on its existing site and remain at East Creek Road. The study does not represent a commitment to fund, design and build a new facility on East Creek; rather, it will explore the issues involved in undertaking such a challenge. This information will be utilized to make an informed decision on how to best proceed with OIH.

Helpful Documents

To access to past documents regarding the Our Island Home Proposed New Facility, visit the Town of Nantucket Archives Page.

This page was last updated on October 17, 2019.