Flight Cancelled?

Flight cancelled due to bad weather?

We can help you!

When flights are cancelled due to weather, travelers can use other transportation alternatives or book overnight accommodations.

Frequent high-speed ferries can get you to Hyannis in an hour, and nearby buses depart frequently for Boston’s Logan Airport. Both schedules are included here. A taxi to the Hyannis bus station takes about 10 minutes from either dock.

If instead you decide to stay here overnight, we’ll assist you in finding available lodging. You may phone us during our business hours or simply review our Room Availability list (PDF).


NOTE: The Steamship Authority also has a slower car ferry that takes 2 hours and 15 minutes, log onto the Steamship Authority website to see that option.

7:40 AM 8:40 AM Hy-Line Cruises
9:30 AM 10:30 AM Steamship Authority
9:55 AM 10:55AM Hy-Line Cruises
11:10 AM 12:10 PM Hy-Line Cruises
12:30 PM 1:30 PM Steamship Authority
2:15 PM 3:15 PM Hy-Line Cruises
3:30 PM 4:40 PM  Steamship Authority
4:10 PM  5:10 PM Hy-Line Cruises
5:45 PM 6:45 PM Hy-Line Cruises
6:15 PM  7:15 PM  Steamship Authority 
7:05 PM 8:05 PM Hy-Line Cruises
8:45 PM 9:45 PM Steamship Authority
9:20 PM (10:20 pm Fridays only) 10:20 PM (11:20 pm Fridays only) Hy-Line Cruises


Bus service from Hyannis to Boston's Logan Airport is provided by Peter Pan Bus Lines and Plymouth & Brockton

This is the current schedule that coincides with ferry arrivals for weekdays and weekends.

P&B automated schedule info - 508-746-0378

Depart HYANNIS Arrive LOGAN BUS company Weekday/ Weekend Service
7:30AM 9:30AM P&B Weekend only
8:15AM 10:05AM Peter Pan Both
8:30AM 10:30AM P&B Weekend only
9:00AM 11:15AM P&B Weekday
9:30AM 11:30AM P&B Weekend only
9:30AM 11:40AM P&B Weekday
10:30AM 12:30PM P&B Both
10:30AM 12:20PM Peter Pan Weekend only
11:30AM 1:30PM P&B Both
12:01PM 1:50PM Peter Pan Both
12:30PM 2:30PM P&B Both
1:30PM 3:20PM Peter Pan Both
1:30PM 3:30PM P&B Weekend only
1:30PM 3:50PM P&B Weekday
2:30PM 4:30PM P&B Both
3:15PM 5:05PM Peter Pan Both
3:30PM 5:30PM P&B Both
4:30PM 6:30PM P&B Both
5:30PM 7:30PM P&B Weekday
6:30PM 8:30PM P&B Weekend only
7:00PM 9:05PM P&B Weekday
8:30PM 10:30PM P&B Both