Our Island Home Building Committee

Our Island Home – Feasibility Study

OIH is conducting a new architectural/engineering feasibility study to explore what steps would be required to make an informed decision on how to best proceed if OIH were to replace the current facility on its existing site and remain at 9 East Creek Road. As such, the study does not represent a commitment to fund, design and build a new facility; rather, it will explore the issues involved in undertaking such a challenge.

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  1. Rachel Day

    Director of Human Services


This committee will:

  • Review documents (such as plans, conceptual drawings, bids) in connection with the proposed new Our Island Home facility; and, provide input
  • Review overall design, design features, use of materials - interior and exterior
  • Meet regularly with the architect, staff, Owner’s Project Manager, contractor throughout project
  • Gain a strong understanding of the project and assist with public outreach for the project
  • Other tasks as may be assigned by Town Administration and/or Board of Selectmen - that are usual with respect to municipal building committees


Melissa Murphy, Select Board

Dawn Hill Holdgate, Select Board

Denice Kronau, Finance Committee

Peter McEachern, Capital Program Committee

Rachel Day, Our Island Home

Alison Forsgren, Citizens-at-large

Dave Fredericks, Citizens-at-large

Other staff assistance:

  • Owner’s Project Manager Architect
  • Term ends: When project is complete

Appointed by and reports to Select Board

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