Does this project impact any endangered species?

The Commonwealth’s Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (NHESP) determined the project will result in a take of habitat for six species of butterflies and moths. SunPower is currently working through the MESA/ MEPA permitting process with the support of the Town of Nantucket and Wannacomet Water Company. Collaboratively, a conservation management plan to mitigate the loss of habitat at 1 Milestone Road is being proposed to occur at 211 Cliff Rd. This strategy would place 211 Cliff Rd. under a conservation restrictin and secures open space for a minimum of 20 years.

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1. How was the project awarded?
2. Who will own the project?
3. What is the proposed scope and scale of the project?
4. What clean energy benefits will the project provide?
5. What economic benefits does the project provide?
6. Is solar a permissible use on water company land held for water supply purposes?
7. How much land will need to be clear cut to accommodate this project and how will the clearing be conducted and managed?
8. Does this project impact any endangered species?
9. What approvals does the developer require before constructing the project?
10. Will the project impact the island’s aquifer/water supply?
11. Does the project pose a toxicity risk to the public water supply (i.e. PFAS/Gen-x)?
12. What happens to the project components after the 20-year project term?