Can PFAS drinking water or soil standards be applied to leachate or co-compost?

No. PFAS sampling results from leachate (liquid coming out of landfills into the ground) or co-compost (leaf/yard waste mixed with municipal solid waste and dewatered sludge (residuals) from the WWTF that are processed through a composter to create biosolids) should not be compared to regulatory or other health-based PFAS standards for soil or groundwater. The risk for each type of media is different, so the standards for one type cannot apply directly to another type. MassDEP is developing screening levels for land application of soil amendments, including biosolids, which would apply to co-compost. FAQs #9 and #10 have more information on the health risk to plants growing in soil with co-compost. Note that co-compost has not been available to the public since August 2019.

To learn more about PFAS risk factors used for national and state drinking water PFAS standards, see the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council’s Basis of PFOA and PFOS Values Tables.

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