Did Waste Options perform PFAS testing at the landfill in the summer of 2019?

PFAS are a group of man-made chemicals used since the 1940s. PFAS were used to manufacture commercial products and firefighting foam. Some PFAS are no longer used.  The potential source of PFAS present at the Town landfill, such as in waste water treatment residuals and municipal solid waste, are primarily from use of household cleaning products, food packaging, clothing, and beauty products that contained PFAS. 

In 2019, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) recognized the need for more information on PFAS characteristics in wastewater treatment residuals. Prior to 2020 on Nantucket, such residuals were mixed with municipal solid waste and leaf/yard waste to be used for compost. Waste Options, the Town Contractor, collected compost samples in 2019 to maintain a proactive approach to environmental quality on the island. Specific PFAS sampling protocols were not established at that time.

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1. Are there public drinking water standards concerning PFAS?
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3. Does the aquifer that the Island gets groundwater from have PFAS in it?
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10. Did Waste Options perform PFAS testing at the landfill in the summer of 2019?
11. Even though 2019 PFAS testing was done with an imperfect method at the time (EPA 537), were the results found concerning?
12. What were the results of the testing of private wells that were sampled by MassDEP/UMass?