Does the island’s Transportation Program Manager work for the Town of Nantucket?

The Transportation Program Manager is an employee of the regional body—the Nantucket Planning and Economic Development Commission—rather than the Town of Nantucket; however, the Transportation Program Manager coordinates with the town frequently, providing technical assistance for capital projects, studies, and other transportation needs. Due to the unique relationship between the town and the region, the Transportation Program Manager position is paid for by the town, but direct salary costs are reimbursed by the federal government with the state functioning as a pass-through.

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1. Does the island’s Transportation Program Manager work for the Town of Nantucket?
2. I have a maintenance request related to transportation for my street/road/sidewalk/sidepath. Should I contact the Transportation Program Manager to fix it?
3. I have heard the Transportation Program Manager manages the Town’s transportation budget. Is this true?
4. I’ve seen the Transportation Program Mgr present studies & initiatives to the Select Board. Does the Transportation Program Manager report to the town and make recommendations to the Select Board?
5. I have heard Nantucket receives funding from the federal government to spend on capital projects. Is this true, and if so, where is the money being spent?
6. Does the Nantucket Regional Transit Authority (NRTA) receive federal aid, and is it subject to the same obligation authority?
7. Can obligation authority fund smaller things, like bike racks, signs, and pavement markings, or small intersection improvements?
8. Does the region (NP&EDC) or town manage Chapter 90 funds?