Effective January 1, 2024: Testing of Drinking Water from Private Wells required prior to the Sale of Property

Based on MassDEP recommendations the Nantucket Board of Health adopted new Private Well Regulations effective  1/1/24 and are available at  (Private Well Regulations- Chapter 386) for review.  The updated regulations include specific water quality testing requirements (including PFAS) prior to the sale of a property that is being serviced by a private well for drinking water.  

The testing requirements are outlined in Chapter 386 (VIII) (4). Owners must use a MassDEP/ EPA certified laboratory.  To facilitate this testing requirement,  the BOH has partnered with the water quality sampling program that is administered by the Barnstable County Lab. 

If electing to use the Barnstable County Lab,  individual home owners, real estate agents, property caretakers and others may pick up water quality testing kits at the Board of Health office at 131 Pleasant Street.  The (2) testing kits *which must be completed include:

  1. Real Estate Testing Analysis (VOC) - $140
  2. PFAS Testing Analysis - $265

*All testing kits include a separate shipping fee of $10 for each kit, payable when kits are dropped at BOH.  

Payment: Individual checks for sampling analysis must be made out to Barnstable County and included when samples are submitted @ BOH for processing.  A separate fee of $10 per kit must be paid when the kits are dropped at the BOH.   


Each testing kit will include bottles, instructions and a Chain of Custody form  which must be completed, signed  and submitted with the samples.  These samples will be analyzed by the Barnstable County Lab (or their designee) and the laboratory reports will be distributed to the property owner and the Board of Health for review and approval. 


Please be aware that the samples for the Barnstable County Lab must be dropped off at the BOH (with payment) on Tuesday mornings by 9:00 am and will then be delivered by the Town to the lab for processing. Due to the volume, it is currently taking approximately 15 days for the samples to be processed by the lab. 


Please send any questions or comments concerning the sampling requirements to health@nantucket-ma.gov.

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