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2023 Special Event Permit Application / SandBar

  1. Event App.jpg
  3. i.e. Catering Company, Event Planner, Festival Organizer, Non-Profit Org., etc.
  4. Host Type
  6. i.e. "Jefferies Clambake" or "Opera House Cup"
  7. Will the restaurant be closed to the public?*
  8. such as Sandbar deck, beach function area
  9. Please list all dates for events at one location only or attach full agenda.
  10. Please attach Full Schedule for events with multiple dates at one location.
  11. All events must comply with the 10:00 pm Noise Ordinance. Requests for extension past 10:00 pm must be approved by the Board of Selectmen.
  12. Important Notice - Events Over 250
    Any event anticipating over 250 participants requires a Public Hearing at a regularly-scheduled Board of Selectmen meeting. Public Hearings must be noticed in the Inquirer and Mirror for two consecutive weeks prior to the hearing (at Applicant's expense). Public Hearings may be waived for recurring events. Events anticipating under 250 participants may require a Public Hearing at Town Administration's discretion.
  13. Have You Held This Event On-Island Before?
  14. Required for Events with Tents/Temporary Structures and/or Events on Public Property.
  15. Please list all temporary structures, tables, chairs, lighting installations, grills etc. that will be used for the event.
  16. Beach and Endangered Species Protection
    Safety of endangered species habitat and beach maintenance are prime concerns for any beach-related activity on the island. Nesting birds, erosion and endangered plants exist throughout the island. Natural Resource approval is required to make sure protection laws are not being violated and proper precautions are being taken.
  18. Will Alcohol Be Served?*
  20. Will There Be Entertainment?*
    If No, continue to Step 4.
  21. Will The Entertainment Be Amplified?
  22. Will The Entertainment Be Outside?
  23. All events must comply with the 10:00 pm Noise Ordinance. Requests for extension past 10:00 pm must be approved by the Board of Selectman.
  25. Will Event Require Any Road Or Sidewalk To Be Blocked Or Closed?
  27. Will There Be A Tent Or Other Temporary Structure Erected?*
    Tented events are not permitted in July and August unless tents do not obstruct the view from concession facility and approved by the Town. Temporary Structures Are Subject to Inspection By Building & Fire Dept. Before Event. If No, continue to Step 6.
  28. Tents can not to be set up until the day of event unless a written approval given by the Town of Nantucket.
  29. Tent to be removed by noon on the day after event unless approved by the Town of Nantucket.
  30. Will There Be Flooring ?
    If No, continue to Step 6.
  31. STEP 6: FOOD
  32. Will Food Be Served?*
  33. SandBar restrooms should be open for public between 9:00 am and 5:30pm seven (7) days per week from the second weekend in May through the Monday of Columbus Day Weekend
  34. Food Service Providers Must Have A Current Catering License Issued By The Town Of Nantucket. If They Are Not Licensed On Nantucket, They Must Be Approved By The Health Department At Least 14 Days Prior To The Event. Any Event With More Than One (1) Caterer is Required to Apply for One-Day Food Permits for Each Food Service Provider Regardless of License.
    In consideration of permission to use the public property, facility or services described herein, the Applicant agrees to save and hold the Town of Nantucket, its agents, servants, and employees harmless from any and all liabilities or costs arising out of the use of the described premises by the Applicant, the Applicant's guests, employees, subcontractors, and/or other persons. The Applicant acknowledges that the permission to utilize the facilities is limited to the portion of the premises herein described (if applicable), and that the permission is valid only for the activity herein described. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Hold Harmless Agreement shall be applicable to any claim asserted against the Town of Nantucket, its agents, servants, and employees, and for any loss incurred arising out of the Applicant's activity whether or not such claim or loss extends beyond the permitted type or locale of activity or occurs on a different date than specified. Commercial General Liability is required in the amount of $1,000,000 CSL (combined single limit) with the Town and County of Nantucket added as an additional insured.
  36. By typing your name in the applicant signature field(s), and submitting this form electronically (via email), you affirm that all information contained within this document was completed truthfully, and to the best of your knowledge and you understand that your electronic signature is considered legally binding the same as signing your physical signature by hand.
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