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    2. QUESTIONS? email and we can assist or set up a time to meet. Amy will be downtown all week (April 18-22) to meet with whomever needs assistance.
    3. 2022 Temporary Outdoor Expansions for Restaurants

      On April 1, 2022 Governor Baker signed Chapter 42 of the Acts of 2022 into law. Section 27 of the Act extends the ability of cities and towns to approve requests for the expansion of outdoor table service until April 1, 2023.

      The Town of Nantucket has extended the temporary program to assist restaurants to operate in expanded outdoor settings adjacent to their businesses. Businesses can use this form to submit an outdoor expansion proposal for the town to review. Considerations for every proposal will include safety, mobility (ADA compliance), and local and emergency access.

    5. i.e. Owner; Business Manager; Attorney
    7. Check Licenses*

      Check License that applies to applicant premise.

    8. Are you applying for a temporary extension while trying to add the space on a permanent basis?

      (i.e. Amending Special Permit, Awaiting Planning Board approval, applying to ABCC, etc.)?

    9. Does this property have permanent licensed outdoor space?*

      This is asking about outdoor space you had licensed before COVID-19 that went through normal licensing process (Select Board and ABCC).

    10. Type of Space for Expansion*

      Check all that apply. For example, if you are placing tables on privately owned property but must cross a public way/sidewalk to serve then select both. 

    11. Are you requesting a Tent in this proposal?
    12. Include Number of Permit for reference.
    13. How does this plan compare with your 2021 operations?
    14. Please include the following information and considerations in your site plan:

      Upload all documents below. If trouble uploading, email to:

    15. Please attach plans and supporting documents for your outdoor seating proposal.
    16. Please attach plans and supporting documents for your outdoor seating proposal.
    17. Attach any approvals from private property owner if required.
    18. Let us know anything we haven't covered above or can assist with that has not been addressed.